Cecil County, MD: Racine Estates of The Villages of Elk Neck, Jones Creek Lane Lots

Build your dream home on a private lot in the Racine Estates of The Villages of Elk Neck in Cecil County, MD. Jones Creek runs behind the below lots, providing an idyllic spot to create your one-of-a-kind home. Below you will find information regarding available lots and their pricing. Individuals and brokers are welcome to contact our team to discuss more information.


Villages Elk Neck, Racine Estates, Jones Creek Lane Lot Pricing

Lot #Lot SizeLot Price w/ Avalon
Lot 77 acresSold
Lot 82.7 acresSold
Lot 95.5 acresSold
Lot 103.7 acresSold
Lot 119.8 acresSold
Lot 126.7 acresPending
Lot 134.3 acresSold
Lot 142.7 acres$130,000

Brokers warmly welcomed, must register customer with Avalon Custom Builders as the initial contact using the online contact form.